Train-O-Matic 02010222 Lokommander II Micro Wired 6 Pin DCC Decoder


Train-O-Matic 02010222 Lokommander II Micro Wired 6 Pin DCC Decoder

Micro Wired 6 Pin DCC Decoder.


  • 14 x 9 x 3.3 mm.
  • 0.55 x 0.35 x 0.13 inch.


  • 4x AUX: Soldering pads.
  • SUSI: Soldering pads.

Decoder Features:-

  • NMRA compliant DCC locomotive decoder.
  • Short (1-127) and long (128-9999) configurable addresses.
  • 14, 28/128 speed steps.
  • Maximum motor current 1000mA.
  • Load compensation and BEMF.
  • Speed set at 3 points (Vmin, Vmid, Vmax) or in tabular form.
  • Shunting speed.
  • Constant distance braking, activated on ABC/DC sector or at zero speed.
  • Reduced speed drive on ABC Slow Speed section.
  • Penduling function (Push-Pull) without or with intermediate stop.
  • Up to 10 dimmable auxiliary outputs.
  • Function output maximum 200 mA per output, maximum of all outputs 400mA.
  • Output Mapping to functions F0, F1-F12.
  • Short-circuit and over-current protection of motor and auxiliary outputs.
  • Bidirectional communication RAILCOM.
  • SUSI© and LocoWire© interface.
  • Outputs for Smart Power Pack (SPP ©).
  • Electromagnetic uncoupler drive capability.
  • Upgradable software via the programmer, even with the decoder mounted in the locomotive.
  • Usable in H0, TT and N scale models.
  • Supply voltage 4-24V.
  • Ability to set different speeds for forward and reverse.

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