Ratio 248 N Gauge Modular Covered Footbridge


Ratio 248 N Gauge Modular Covered Footbridge

With it’s fine scale latticework and curved section roof, this typical footbridge will add interest and a sense of importance to any model station. The versatile kit design means that the stairs can be assembled to face in either direction or straight off the end of the bridge. Moulded in 3 colours to make painting optional, the tooling of the fine lattice work sets the standard for injection moulding in this scale. Additional kits can be used to create multiple spans, whilst larger, busier stations often had 2 stairways to each platform, leading off in both directions. Could also be used without the roof sections at a large terminus under an overall station canopy. Glue is required to complete this model.

Technical Specification:

  • Length: 93mm
  • Span: 93mm

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