Mig Acrylic MIG098 Crystal Light Blue


Mig Acrylic MIG098 Crystal Light Blue

  • Acrylic Water Based Paint
  • Brush or Airbrush straight from the bottle
  • 17ml Jar

More Information:

  • Special acrylic paint used to easily obtain the finish of a glass surface. This water-based paint is odourless and non-toxic. It can be applied directly from the jar but also on the airbrush thinned and easily cleaned with water. Its light blue colour is perfect for painting lights and tint crystals, such as some canopies of modern aircraft.

Equivalent to:-

  • AK Interactive RC504
  • Gunze Aqueous H93
  • Mr Color C50
  • Revell 752
  • Tamiya LP-68
  • Tamiya TS-72
  • Tamiya X-23

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