Mig Acrylic MIG095 Crystal Smoke


Mig Acrylic MIG095 Crystal Smoke

  • Acrylic Water Based Paint
  • Brush or Airbrush straight from the bottle
  • 17ml Jar

More Information:

  • Special acrylic paint used to easily obtain the finish of a glass surface. This water-based paint is odourless and non-toxic. It can be applied directly from the jar but also on the airbrush thinned and easily cleaned with water. Its smoke colour is perfect for a multitude of tinted glass surfaces such as lights of some US vehicles, thick glasses, headlights, etc.

Equivalent to:-

  • AK Gen3 Acrylic AK11215
  • AK Real Color RC826
  • Tamiya LP-67
  • Tamiya TS-71
  • Tamiya X-19

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