Bachmann 36-567A Digital Locomotive Next18 DCC Decoder


Bachmann 36-567A Digital Locomotive Next18 DCC Decoder

A Next18 (NEM662) DCC Decoder with brake button function for realistic control.

Suitable for models fitted with a Next18 DCC decoder socket.


  • 15 x 9.5 x 2.8 mm.


  • 4 powered-function outputs with overload protection.
  • 500mA load per output. 500mA total load of all function outputs.
  • 2 additional logic level outputs and 2 logic level/SUSI outputs.
  • Shunting speed and momentum key selectable.
  • Two of the function outputs are dedicated for the head / tail lights.

Decoder Features:-

  • Multi-mode (NMRA-DCC format, Motorola protocol, DC Analogue and AC Analogue (Marklin) with Back EMF function
  • Brake button function for realistic control of braking (operates on function 2)
  • 14, 28 and 128 speed steps
  • Short and Long addresses
  • Suitable for models equipped with DC motors (including coreless motors)
  • 0.7A continuous load
  • Variable pulse width frequency motor regulation (up to 40kHz)
  • Motor output overload protection; Back EMF (de-selectable)
  • DCC Service Mode & DCC PoM (Programming on Main)
  • RailComĀ® Feedback system
  • Upgradable firmware

This decoder is manufactured on behalf of Bachmann Europe by Zimo. For full technical specifications and instructions, please refer to the Zimo user guide for MX618N18 atĀ


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