AK Interactive AK11131 Gen3 Acrylic Pastel Green


AK Interactive AK11131 Gen3 Acrylic Pastel Green

  • Brush straight from the bottle, Airbrush with thinning.
  • Thin with AK11500 thinner
  • Dries to a nice matte finish
  • 17ml Jar

More Information:

  • Can be applied directly from the bottle by brush.
  • When dry the colors are permanent and waterproof.
  • Resistant to oils, enamels, washes and solvents.
  • Easily applied without hiding the finest details of the figures or scale models.
  • Gen 3 formula offers adhesion and resistance up to twice as much as other paints in the market.
  • Patented cap design allows you to deposit paint and see the exact tone in vertical position, allowing a fast and exact identification.
  • The blue dot denotes pastel tones, these can be used in any type of modeling, figures, sceneries, buildings, vehicles…

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