Airfix A04021 Bristol Beaufort Mk.1 1/72 Scale


Airfix A04021 Bristol Beaufort Mk.1 1/72 Scale

The second in a successful trio of twin engined aircraft designed by the Bristol Aeroplane Company during the 1930s, the Beaufort is significant as the only monoplane produced for the Royal Air Force designed from the outset as a torpedo bomber and reconnaissance platform. Developed from the Blenheim light bomber, the Beaufort was ordered off the drawing board by the Air Ministry, a move which showed great faith in the Bristol Company, whilst at the same time illustrating the RAFs urgent need for an effective torpedo bomber.

The Beaufort weighed 25% more than the Blenheim and required the installation of more powerful engines, which delayed its introduction. It entered Royal Air Force service with No.22 Squadron Coastal Command in January 1940, and proved to be a rugged and highly manoeuvrable aircraft, although the engines continued to be something of a problem. Initially employed in mine laying duties, Beauforts would later mount attacks against the German battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. In the European theatre, the aircraft would operate in the main as a medium bomber. In the Mediterranean, Beauforts operating from Egypt and Malta would take a terrible toll of Axis shipping and further afield, Beauforts of the Royal Australian Air Force would also prove extremely effective in the South-West Pacific, taking a heavy toll of Japanese shipping and posting an impressive operational record in the process.


  • Detailed cockpit and interior
  • Detailed bomb bay
  • Detailed undercarriage

Decals Included:-

  • Bristol Beaufort Mk.1 N1016, X-OA, No.22 Squadron, Royal Air Force St. Eval, Cornwall, April 1941 as used against the Admiral Gneisenau
  • Bristol Beaufort Mk.1 L9866, J-MW, No.217 Squadron, Royal Air Force St. Eval, Cornwall, February 1941 as used againstĀ  the Admiral Hipper

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