We have aircraft models to suit all skill levels.

The aircraft models shown here are generally of a foam construction and require minimal assembly, spares are available in the event of an accident.

If you have not flown before, you might like to use the following information as a guide:-


Your first model should be a high wing trainer or motor glider. This would normally have 3 functions (Throttle / Elevator and Rudder). With a high wing the model basically flies itself and you ‘guide’ it around the corners.


Having mastered the basics the next stage would be a low wing trainer. This would usually add Ailerons giving you a greater level of control and allowing you to do some simple aerobatics.


After successfully mastering a low wing trainer you could then move on t0 manouverable aircraft like Spitfires and Mustangs.


Having somewhere sensible to fly is a must. Keep away from people, animals, roads and trees. Insurance is advisable. Joining your local flying club is a good idea. Details can be obtained from the British Model Flying Association.

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